Cataract Treatment

Easy access to Cataract Treatments can improve the effect caused by the humanitarian crisis

£150 for each patient.

The war in Yemen has created one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises, leaving millions of people dependent on medical assistance from other countries for survival. One of the major problems people are afflicted with in Yemen, include the formation of cataracts.

These people in Yemen living in poverty with vision problems never get the treatment they need to have clearer vision. Even something as simple as receiving a pair of spectacles a simple cataracts surgery is hard to come by. And the effect that blindness has can be devastating in the manner that these people are excluded from society and unable to contribute to society.

Your Donation Is Important

You can help improve the sight and change the life of someone today by donating towards our Cataract Treatment Project and ensure those most in need receive free sight screenings and treatment.

For a one-off cost of £250, you can provide a much-needed cataract treatment to someone in Yemen and help a nation get back on its feet.

Help Us Help Others

Vision is Important

Not being able to see clearly means thousands of cataract-afflicted Yemenis not able to work and earn a living for themselves and their families, plunging them and the Yemeni society only deeper into poverty.

We Have Hope!

Fortunately, there is hope for these thousands of sufferers living in impoverished communities of Yemen that continue to live in the dark. Saba Relief is working to bring the gift of sight to people in impoverished communities in Yemen who have been living in the dark for far too long.