Charity Bakery

Save A Life with a Piece of Bread.

£10 a month

Less than ideal and rather crippling conditions has meant that millions of Yemenis have nothing to eat. We at Saba Relief feel very passionate about our mission to alleviate those who are less fortunate – and would greatly appreciate your contribution towards our Charity Bakery Project.

Why a Bakery ?

Knowing that something as simple as a piece of bread can be a lifeline to a hungry child, we just had to open a Bakery for the needy in Yemen. This is precisely the motivation behind baking bread: To serve humanity and feed the hungry people of Yemen. But, We need your help to keep our Charity Bakery going!

We need your help to continue to serve bread and food to starving families experiencing the world’s worst humanitarian crisis in Yemen. Our Charity Bakery provides bread to the most vulnerable families in Yemen. With our team on the ground and by relying on the good of humanity, we have succeeded in the construction of a Charity Bakery in Yemen, to ensure warm bread gets delivered to the most needy communities.

Save A Life with a Piece of Bread.

Amazingly, for a mere £10, you can provide 100 pieces of fresh bread to a hungry child or family today.