Child Sponsorship

Each day, thousands of children across Yemen face incredible hardship.

£25 a month | £300 a year.

Every child deserves the opportunity

The world has not been kind to our children, but there is some good news: Here at Saba Relief we believe there is hope for the future of the children of Yemen. As we envision a better world for them, we must continue to work together to make it a reality. This is where YOU come in to save a life.

Improving the lives of needy children by safe-guarding them against illnesses, you also provide them with educational opportunities. Furthermore, your donations enable their access to proper nutrition, clean water, and sanitation services. Perhaps most importantantly, those basic resources provide new hope to children in Yemen for a brighter future.

Sponsorship of a child is either £25 a month or £300 for the whole year.

Your investment in Saba Relief’s Child Sponsorship Project Children In Need means that your support reaches children who just need an opportunity to break the chains of poverty around them. This fund is global, which allows Saba Relief the flexibility to effectively send aid or build innovative programs that address the unique needs of children in Yemen. When the call for relief comes, your support means we will be ready to serve with efficiency and immediacy.

As global custodians of vulnerable children in Yemen, it is our duty to reach out. Sponsor a Child and Help Rebuild a Nation

Each day, thousands of children across Yemen face incredible hardship. Struggling to survive in the midst of war, ongoing drought matched with malnutrition and disease, they all too often become orphaned as a result of this.