Family Sponsorship

Sponsor a Family in Need and do a Great deed for Yemen.

£100 a month | £1,200 a year.

24 million people are in need of aid and 20 million are food insecure in Yemen. These families that make up communities, have no access to clean water and face the daily challenges of survival. Yemen was already facing the world’s largest humanitarian crisis, and then COVID-19 arrived.

Sponsor A Family Today

Yemen’s healthcare system is collapsing in the face of all of the above — with some hospitals turning people away due to lack of equipment.

There is hope for the people in Yemen, yet. Saba Relief offers you the opportunity to sponsor a family in need. You can help uplift an entire family into self-reliance and independence by giving them the tools they need to thrive!

This Month We Have Deliverd Food Baskets!

The good news is that there is something WE can do to help these struggling Yemeni orphans. At Saba Relief, we aim to provide care and relief to orphans in need. Our goal is to provide care and financial assistance to as many of these children as we can.

Sponsorship of a family is £100 a month or £1,200 for the whole year.

Once you donate towards a family in Yemen, the family gets food, water, medical, and financial aid, all they need, all while building a sustainable living so that they can break the chains of poverty. The Saba Relief Family Sponsorship program aims to empower families to fend for themselves for years beyond what a traditional sponsorship would offer. You can offer support whenever on a yearly or monthly basis.

Join the thousands of dedicated, caring humanitarians who are caring for needy families in Yemen today. You can give an entire family the tools they need to survive, and thrive.