Family Water Tank

Give the Gift of Water to several Families at once

£10 a month | £120 a year.

Help a Family Refill their Water Supply – and Save Yemen

Deaths caused by cholera in Yemen have skyrocketed, and that’s beyond the 3.34 million already displaced people around the country. These conditions have led to more than 1.9 million suspected cases since 2017. New suspected cholera cases emerge every day, with almost 5,000 suspected cases of the waterborne disease in August 2019 alone. Family Saba Relief has developed as a holistic solution to serve multiple needs faced by families in crisis.

Millions of women and children spend their days collecting water for their families to refill their means of water storage containers. You can make a donation towards a Family Refill today and take the weight of many shoulders.

For a one-off donation of £120, you can provide water refills for families for an entire year. We urge you gently to follow the example of our Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him) by helping a family in Yemen refill their water containers today.

People in Yemen are experiencing an acute shortage of clean drinking water – and the situation has reached its critical peak. Because of the ongoing drought, they cannot rely on rainwater and are obliged to travel (by foot, in many cases) at least an hour every day just to get water.

As Yemen moves into another year of ongoing conflict and continues its standing as one of the world’s worst humanitarian situations, those displaced are some of the country’s most vulnerable people. In 2019, 80% of the country’s population will require some form of humanitarian assistance, and a staggering 24 million people are in acute need of assistance.

This project will support the health of families through the provision of clean drinking water and basic hygiene items. Saba Relief started the Family Water Tank project to provide water tanks to these poor families so they can store clean water more easily. Having a water tank makes a huge difference to the lives of those receiving them – and you can be the one to make the difference.

For a one-off cost of £80, you can provide a 1000L Water Tank to a family that will be grateful for years to come.