Food Parcel

Help to Heal the World by Feeding Yemen

£40 a month | £480 a year.

With our Food Parcel Project, you can help strengthen and heal the nation of Yemen by contributing any amount of your choice. Here at Saba Relief, we understand just how important a nutritious diet is towards the wellbeing and future of any community in life. Therefore, we’re so passionate about feeding the hungry children and families in Yemen – and why we would be forever grateful for your contribution(s).

It’s a Good Day to Save a Life in Yemen

It’s a Good Day to Save a Life in Yemen
Just to think what Ramadan and Qurbani would be without fresh meat, can surely make anyone go hungry! To help everyone in Yemen celebrate Muslim occasions fully and equally, we aim to incorporate protein as a source of energy for malnourished families. The good news is, you don’t have to give a lot to save a life. And giving to our food project allows us to empower families to keep fighting the threat of starvation and become hopeful and joyful again – as humans are meant to be!

With your help, we can assist both families and individuals in Yemen who go without essential sustenance to live everyday. Together we can continue to provide support through various beneficial projects that deliver nutritional relief. You can make a real difference by believing in our cause – it’s half the journey already.

With £40 you can buy a Food Parcel for a Hungry Family in Yemen!

20 million Yemenis are acutely food insecure.

Several years of war has pushed the country of Yemen past the brink of famine. The current starvation condition in Yemen is unprecedented, with over 20 million Yemenis that are acutely food insecure. Working towards providing sustainable long-term food solutions for communities in need, we offer our Food Parcel Project to save lives affected by the Yemen humanitarian crisis.

Aiming to feed millions of people in Yemen in the light of impending famine, we are faithful in the ongoing distribution of food parcels. However, we can’t make a difference or feed the hungry without your help. We really need your help to reach and feed as many people as possible and help make the world a better place for all to live in.

For just £40 you can save a whole family from hunger for an entire month!

Understanding that food is one of the basic essential needs to survive and maintain the general health of an individual and their family – which leads to a country being strengthened – Saba Relief recognises that the people of Yemen, including children, need our help. Our Food Parcels cover the basic requirements of needy families. Each parcel consists of a fair amount of flour, rice, sugar, beans and oil.