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The Ongoing Yemen Crisis Reconsidered, How a Little Food Goes a Long Way

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How a Little Food Goes a Long Way

Can you imagine living each day without knowing where your next meal will come from? Even worse, can you try to imagine what it must be like not being able to provide food for your children? Sadly but truly, this is the case for millions of hungry and impoverished people in Yemen. Without food, the human battle to survive becomes a daily reality to face. Isn’t it grueling, or even unimaginable to think that there are children who cannot enjoy their right to education because they are starving? These children shouldn’t grow up to work and struggle further among communities that are still battling to survive – all for a lack of food.

As the humanitarian crisis in Yemen worsens day by day, we are passionately compelled and committed to providing food parcels and bake bread with our Charity Bakery to enable solutions to provide critical aid to those in need. The widespread hunger and suffering in Yemen that has further contributed to its infrastructural demise, must be continually battled and alleviated. In the spirit of Islamic compassion, we are seeking to build partnerships with those that share our core intentions to help the poor people of Yemen. We need your help to help us feed the hungry and disadvantaged in Yemen. The truth is, that even before the war broke out in Yemen, it was already one of the poorest countries in the Middle East.

It’s a Good Day to Save a Life in Yemen

In the light of all the above, we feel very strongly about our simple human responsibility to help those in need. The good news is, you or anyone you know, can play a vital role by helping families get enough food to prevent malnutrition. You can help alleviate the hunger of families by donating an amount to our food projects and supporting this needy cause. We strongly believe that the people of Yemen have suffered enough, and it’s time for us to set the wrongs right again and restore real humanity through faith and altruistic deeds. We can only hope and trust in your shared caregiving.

With your help, we can assist both families and individuals in Yemen who go without essential sustenance to live everyday. Together we can continue to provide support through various beneficial projects that deliver nutritional relief. You can make a real difference by believing in our cause – it’s half the journey already.

Please join us by making a donation in service of the great and valuable effects it will have on the society of Yemen. Save A Life for £50 today. The worth of Human life is priceless, but YOU can make the difference.

The Projects

With our various Food Programme, we strive to achieve the following objectives:

Food Parcel

With our Food Parcel Project, you can help strengthen and heal the nation of Yemen by contributing any amount of your choice.

Charity Bakery

Less than ideal and rather crippling conditions has meant that millions of Yemenis have nothing to eat. We at Saba Relief feel very passionate about our mission to..