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Yemen is the poorest country on Earth!

Good health is the cornerstone of our lives and it is one of the greatest rewards that Allah has given us in this Dunnya. It is our duty and joy to provide this basic right to as many people as possible.

With that said, we are drawn to Yemen – currently one of the poorest countries on Earth, where the abject poverty that many are suffering has created a severe shortage of medication. As a result, it is very difficult for the poor in Yemen to survive from the onslaughts of illnesses. The humanitarian crisis is undoubtedly on course to be the worst since World War 2, and the level of violence and poverty shows no signs of slowing down.

Our aim is to provide health care assistance to the needy!

As part of its humanitarian efforts, Saba Relief provides both financial and in-kind assistance for patients that are hospitalised in different regions of Yemen. We provide needy patients with financial assistance to continue with treatment that they otherwise could not afford.

When there is a crisis in Yemen, Saba Relief provides humanitarian aid that often includes emergency healthcare. Our aim is to help as many patients as possible, but we urgently need your ongoing financial support to cover the costs of their medication.

The Projects

With our various Health Programm, we strive to achieve the following objectives:

Medical Aid

Yemenis are faced with the worst humanitarian disaster on the globe, doubled by the new challenges that COVID-19 brings.

Medical Equipment

In 2017, thousands of people died from the outbreak of cholera unleashed in Yemen, as the health care system was ill-equipped to deal with such a pandemic.

Cataract Treatment

The war in Yemen has created one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises, leaving millions of people dependent on medical assistance from other countries for survival.

Kidney Dialysis

Most patients with kidney failure generally don’t have the physical strength or money to travel for treatment. Even if they can reach a center that is still functioning, they may not be able to afford the treatment.

Health projects save lives, but we need your help to help the people of Yemen.

Yemen is in need of urgent health support.

With a population of more than 24 million, it’s a catastrophic and depressing fact to know that over 17.9 million Yemenis lack access to basic healthcare. This stat comes as no real surprise as only 51% of health facilities are functioning. The roads to cities from outlying villages and other settlements are unsafe and too far for citizens to reach hospitals in time to get treatment.

COVID-19 In Yemen

Illnesses that may be relatively easy to treat in more developed countries are a lot harder to manage in Yemen; this was exposed by the cholera outbreak that hit in 2017, which with over 1 million cases reported was considered the worst in history. Need we mention the impossibly challenging situation COVID 19 is creating in Yemen?