Kidney Dialysis

Yemen needs your help to save the lives of kidney-afflicted and impoverished patients.

£100 a month for each patient.

The Catching Headline To Push Visitors To Take Action

Most patients with kidney failure generally don’t have the physical strength or money to travel for treatment. Even if they can reach a center that is still functioning, they may not be able to afford the treatment.

Patients with kidney failure are dependent on machines to clean their blood, a function normally carried out by the kidneys. Such patients usually attend dialysis sessions three times per week. Across Yemen, many people have been forced to limit their sessions to two per week, leading to increased medical side effects, a decreased quality of life, and potentially death.

Thousands of Yemenis with kidney failure are at risk of dying unless the country’s remaining dialysis centers receive more supplies.

Kidney failure remains a serious cause of mortality in Yemen. The lives of thousands of kidney failure patients are in danger as kidney treatment centers in war-ravaged Yemen close or struggle to function. Since the start of the conflict three years ago, some of the kidney treatment centers have been forced to close. The other kidney treatment centers are running out of essential supplies, making it difficult for them to provide patients with uninterrupted treatment. Patients, meanwhile, struggle to travel to still-functioning centers, as well as to pay for treatment.

Week Health System

In Yemen, the weakening health-system as a direct effect of the humanitarian crisis, specifically struggles to support people who have chronic kidney diseases, are on dialysis or have had a kidney transplant. Most health facilities have been damaged or destroyed, with some 17.9 million people who are unable to access basic healthcare in Yemen.

Funds Are Needed

Moreover, an astonishing 25% of dialysis patients in Yemen have died yearly since the onset of the conflict in 2015. Dialysis supplies, functioning dialysis machines, and funds are needed to ensure the mortality rate does not rise further. It is important to note the fact that the urgent needs of dialysis patients underscore how conflict has devastated Yemen’s health care system.

You Can Help!

The good news is that you can help the kidney-afflicted people of Yemen by donating to Saba Relief’s Kidney Dialysis Project. We exist to raise funds for education, research, prevention and screenings for those in Yemen who face kidney problems.

The Facts

Previous statistics from the Yemeni Ministry of Health reveals that 5,000 people suffer from kidney failure and that one-third of them lacks access to health care due to the conflict in the country. An astonishing 25% of dialysis patients in Yemen have died every year since the conflict began in 2015. (Red Cross Yemen)

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Make a donation towards a kidney dialysis procedure to improve the life and health of the needy in Yemen today.