Medical Aid

Provide Medical Vouchers to improve the health of the needy today.

£25 | £250 a month for one patient.

Yemen are deprived of proper medical care!

Yemenis are faced with the worst humanitarian disaster on the globe, doubled by the new challenges that COVID-19 brings. The people of Yemen are deprived of proper medical care in the face of the worsening situations – and need our help to survive.

Saba Relief’s medical voucher project is an excellent means to provide medical care to the poor and/or high risk/vulnerable people of Yemen. By donating towards a medical voucher, you can provide a means of funding healthcare services to the needy in Yemen.

Choose to support our life-saving medical and nutritional work in Yemen. We are aiming to help at-risk Yemenis by providing access to healthcare for the treatment of cholera and other ailments.

Medical Voucher

The Saba Relief Medical Voucher Project targets the most vulnerable people – those with infections, diseases, food insecurity, and people at risk of famine in Yemen. We also fight malnutrition by establishing community-wide intervention including mass screening, home visits, and awareness sessions.

For £300, you can provide healthcare vouchers to those who need it most in Yemen for an entire year. This healthcare voucher will ensure the recipient’s essential health needs are taken care of for a year long. Alternatively, you can give a monthly donation of £25 that will ensure the same.