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Provide much-needed medical equipment to a country that needs it most.

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Yemen’s health care system has been decimated

In 2017, thousands of people died from the outbreak of cholera unleashed in Yemen, as the health care system was ill-equipped to deal with such a pandemic. Yemen’s health care system has been decimated by years of unrelenting war, where supplies and medical care are as scarce as access to drinking water and sanitation.

Donate towards medical equipment to improve and save the life of someone in Yemen today.

Your donation will help equip health facilities in Yemen to serve needy patients.

In particular, the variety of equipment will enable them to treat patients with various high-risk infections that include COVID-19. By donating towards medical equipment, you will also decrease the rate of malnutrition and unsanitary environments.


The World Health Organization recently warned that Yemen’s healthcare system was on the brink of collapse, estimating that 23% of the country’s medical facilities were no longer functional. In the light of COVID-19, this is rapidly creating a dire situation.

The bottom line is that without access to medical equipment or a lack thereof, vulnerable Yemenis remain at risk of dying from easily preventable illnesses. It is also true that despite the ongoing efforts to import supplies, the scale of the health needs are beyond the capacity of the country of Yemen to meet.

Saba Relief is working around the clock to bring help to these people in Yemen. We supply health facilities with medical equipment and emergency medical supplies so they can treat the wounded and sick. But we are not able to do any of this without YOUR help.