Orphan Sponsorship

Transform the life of an orphan in Yemen and be Blessed in return the orphans of Yemen need your help.

£25 a month | £300 a year.

Every child deserves the opportunity

Every child deserves the opportunity for growth and prosperity in life. However, basic necessities are scarce for many orphan children in Yemen. These children do not know a happy home, or have a safe place to play, nor do they have access to quality education, medical care and nutrition. Instead, their lives are increasingly challenging, with the vulnerability to illiteracy, disease, child labour, lifelong poverty and worst case – death.

Non-arguably, the suffering of children is one of the worst crimes of humanity. Especially vulnerable to the onslaught of challenges in Yemen, children are most affected by war, disease, famine and ongoing drought. The escalation of conflict in Yemen also contributed largely to many children being parentless today.

We are here to help!

The good news is that there is something WE can do to help these struggling Yemeni orphans. At Saba Relief, we aim to provide care and relief to orphans in need. Our goal is to provide care and financial assistance to as many of these children as we can.

“Whoever takes care of an orphan, he and I will be together in Paradise like this (his index and middle fingers held close together)”

— Prophet Muhammed

Donate for the future of Yemen’s Ophans

With your donations, you enable us to invest in the future of Yemen’s orphans, to help them more than survive in a country that is devastated by several plagues. We can work together to help orphans in Yemen. If you sponsor an orphan today, you will provide a bright future for a child who really needs it.

Sponsoring an orphan goes beyond the deed of simply improving an orphan’s life. Your donation can be a real lifeline for a child in need. The orphans we help at Saba Relief are from poor families in Yemen who can’t afford basic nutritious food. Every year, millions of children are starved due to malnutrition or no nutrition. This is a preventable tragedy that is completely unacceptable.

Orphan Sponsorship FAQs

There are many ways in which you can pay for your orphan. The easiest way is to pay online using the button above on this page. You can also visit our office in Sparkbrook, Birmingham and make a donation to a member of staff.

Our Orphan Sponsorship project at Saba Relief helps lift orphans out of abject poverty in Yemen. Your monthly sponsorship will provide an Orphan child with regular meals, clothes and access to healthcare.

Yes. You can send letters to your child in Yemen and they often respond with letters of their own and photographs.

Upon sponsorship, you will receive a profile which includes a photograph and information about your child. After 1 year of sponsorship, you will receive a written update about your sponsored child.

Yes. Your £25 a month donation gives your sponsored child the basic needs, however, if you wish to donate more money it is fine. This will go towards educational needs, such as clothes and stationary and will also pay for healthcare treatment if they need it.

No. Your monthly subscription is £25. This covers all costs and no other funds will be required. However, you can also donate towards one of our many other campaigns in Yemen.

For just £25 a month, our Orphan Sponsorship allows you to support an orphan child on an ongoing basis. Your donation, whether a monthly or annual payment, goes directly to the orphan, ensuring that the child receives monthly sustenance.