Public Water Tank

One Single Water Tank; Multiple Lives Improved

£10 a month | £120 a year.

In the light of Yemen’s water scarcity, Saba Relief has initiated the Public Water Tank project to provide relief among public and communal locations. One Public Water tank can fulfil the hydration needs of countless constituents of a community or village. These tanks are thoughtfully situated in areas with a high public demand for water, such as village and town centres, schools and mosques.

You can give the life-giving gift of water to an entire community with our Public Water Tank project. Provide a Public Water Tank that will hydrate countless people in Yemen for a one-time cost of £70 for the empty water tank.

Refill a Public Water Tank: Giving the Life back to Yemen

In Yemen, water is scarce and people are limping by day-by-day just to get clean water for drinking and sanitation. With some 24 million Yemenis depending on humanitarian aid to survive, walking miles to the nearest water point or manual-intensive drilling for groundwater has become an unfortunate way of life for them.

The good news is, there is a solution. Saba Relief has devised the Public Water Tank project to give life back to Yemen.

You can literally quench the thirst of an entire community for a year by refilling a public water tank for £120 a year or £10 a month. Here at Saba Relief, we are committed to refilling public water tanks with your help. We call upon you in the light of our Muslim brotherly duty to give charity to our needful neighbors.