Qur’an Learning Project

Teach the Qur’an to a child and empower an entire nation with the power of Allah.

£10 a month | £120 a year.

They are forced to abandon their education

Thousands of children/orphans in Yemen are deprived of Learning the Qur’an. This is a compulsory component of the Islamic faith that they have limited or no access to. In addition, many of these children are forced into early labour as a replacement of their education. They work without choice or option due to extreme poverty and are forced to abandon their education in order to support their families.

We humbly ask you to be extra generous with your donations as it will provide hope.

In Yemen, the war has caused major instability, 80% of the population solely rely on outside assistance and humanitarian aid. Those weak, young and vulnerable are feeling the impact of war at full force. Yemen is now the world’s worst humanitarian crises, something we cannot take lightly.

“The best among you are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it to others.”

— Prophet Muhammed

Quran/hafiz Student:

£120 will help give one child a full year in Qur’anic studies.

We see it as a duty to support underprivileged children and families in their education. We are offering Qur’anic education by sponsoring the student for the whole year.
Our ambitions are to offer those in need with an opportunity to learn, memorise and understand the Holy Qur’an from basic to advanced.

Our sponsorship scheme provides a one-to-one whereby the cost of one child is paid by one single donor. It is common for a child to take several years to complete their Qur’anic studies, so we provide the donor with regular feedback to see how their sponsored child is progressing.

By sponsoring a Quran student, you are in fact solving multiple difficulties and bettering their lives in one donation.

These children are innocent of war and did not choose to be part of it. Rather than enjoying their childhood, learning new things and developing themselves, they are forced to suffer the horrors of war. Your donations will not only provide them with hope but also shelter to safeguard them in the harsh living conditions they are forced to live in.

Quran/hafiz Student:

£120 will help give one child a full year in Qur’anic studies.

Let’s Restore Hope

With this Quranic scheme, we can restore hope to those in need. Faith is a tool that allows one to persevere through any hardship.

Let’s Sustain Their Faith

By caring, protecting and teaching these vulnerable children we can sustain their faith and happiness. Therefore, we at Saba Relief are committed to change the lives of those in need for the better.

The Quran is the Light

Preserving their happiness and faith through to the following generations. The Quran is the light and guide these young children need during these hard times, as well as nutrition, shelter, warmth and education.