Restore a Classroom in Yemen and Renew a Child’s Educational Freedom

£250 for one contribution | £500 for two contributions.

Rebuilding The Schools

The war in Yemen has been raging for many years now which has left the country in the grip of the world’s biggest humanitarian crisis. A deadly triple threat – bombs, disease and hunger – is threatening an entire generation of children.

In Yemen, an entire generation of children faces a bleak future due to limited or no access to education. Nearly 2 million children are out of school and the education of another 3.7 million children is on the edge due to non-payment of salaries for teachers.

Improvement of Schools

The first is to ensure that classrooms in Yemen are rehabilitated adequately, to give comfort to the students who deserve a better and brighter future. Saba Relief aims to dramatically improve the learning conditions of the students while the construction of well and toilet facilities will improve the level of hygiene.

For £2000, you can renovate, refurbish and equip an ill-equipped, devastated schools in Yemen and enable countless impoverished children to claim back their right to education.

100% of your donation will be used directly for repairing and building classrooms in our focus area of Yemen.

We Work As One

At Saba Relief, we are working together with the public to help save lives and protect futures.

The impact of Saba Relief’s Refurbishment & Equipment project for schools on the student population and the community itself in Yemen will be felt to a great extent.

Firstly, the benefits include a conducive environment for learning, improvement in learning and increase in the enrollment rate. The economic benefits are a reduction in the cost of transportation and improved safety for the children as they no longer have to travel for long distances to attend classes in neighbouring villages.

Furthermore, students who have been travelling to other neighbouring communities to attend school will resume school after the construction. There will be an improvement in hygiene and sanitation in the school, owing to the provision of toilets and supply of water.