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Nearly half a million children have dropped out of school since the 2015 escalation of conflict in Yemen, bringing the total number of out-of-school children to almost 2 million according to UNICEF. This is an enormous proportion of children in the country: 1 in 3 under the age of 18 are not attending school.

Unpaid Teachers

Many staff weren’t paid for over 12 months

To make matters worse, almost three-quarters of public school teachers have not been paid their salaries in over a year, putting the education of an additional 4.5 million children at grave risk. More than 2,500 schools are out of use, with two-thirds damaged by attacks, 27% closed and 7% used for military purposes or as shelters for displaced people.

We support the need for an appropriate education, regardless of the situation, and encourage learning in the community. Our Education projects are specifically aimed at orphans and children of poor families by preparing them with the necessary equipment to ensure their day at school is productive. We help primary school children by supplying them with school bags containing essentials such as notebooks, pens and other academic materials.

Donate to help us provide school kits and uniforms for the needy children in Yemen. You will be giving them everything they need to get the most from their education.