Sponsorship Programme

Orphans and needy children and families need your help to survive in Yemen.

Family and help Rebuild a Nation

Living ‘hell’ for the country’s children.

Yemen is the largest humanitarian crisis in the world, with more than 24 million people – some 80 per cent of the population – in need of humanitarian assistance, including more than 12 million children. Since the conflict escalated in March 2015, the country has become a living hell for the country’s children.

Emergency within Emergency

Now, with COVID-19 spreading, Yemen is facing an emergency within an emergency. Sanitation and clean water are in short supply. Only half of health facilities are functioning, and many that remain operational lack basic equipment like masks and gloves, let alone oxygen and other essential supplies to treat the coronavirus. Many health workers are receiving no salaries or incentives.

The Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) said:

“I and the caretaker of the orphan will enter Paradise together like this, raising (by way of illustration) his forefinger and middle finger jointly, leaving no space in between.”

— [Saheeh Al-Bukhaari]

The Projects

With our various Sponsorship Programme, we strive to achieve the following objectives:

Orphan Sponsorship

Every child deserves the opportunity for growth and prosperity in life. However, basic necessities are scarce for many orphan children in Yemen.

Child Sponsorship

The world has not been kind to our children, but there is some good news: Here at Saba Relief we believe there is hope for the future of the children of Yemen.

Family Sponsorship

24 million people are in need of aid and 20 million are food insecure in Yemen. These families that make up communities, have no access to clean water and face the daily challenges of survival.

Family and help Rebuild a Nation

By sponsoring a needy orphan, child or family, you can protect them from the devastating effects of hunger and malnutrition in a country riddles with problems. You could potentially be saving lives. Or, your monthly or yearly donation will provide a family in need with enough groceries to get them through the end of the month.

You also have the option to connect to your sponsored family or child by choosing to communicate by letter or emails. And your donation proceeds will directly enhance your family’s experience by providing them not only food, but basic personal care items.

Sponsorship allows you to see, interact with, and understand the life of the child you sponsor. This is a valuable and life-affirming experience for you and the child. Saba Relief has devised sponsorship projects for orphans, needy children and needy families who need our help to survive in Yemen.