Water Well

£100 for one contribution | £200 for two contributions.

£10 a month | £120 a year.

You Can Make A Change

A sponsored, manual water well becomes the lifeblood, that is connected to the heart of a rural village. You can be the one to donate a water well and enhance the lives of many, today.

As simple as the system seems, a water well provides innumerable benefits to a community that would otherwise have to travel at least an hour to obtain this bare necessity.

Clean & Drinking Water

The gift of a single Water Well can serve up to 200 people. It provides access to clean water for drinking, washing and cooking, as well as hydrating livestock. On average, one of these wells can serve about 35 families.

Wells and Dams as Long-Term Solutions

One of our core strategic goals is to provide long term solutions to the on-going issues of lack of water. Yemen is a dry country and access to fresh water can be difficult, but the war has exacerbated this problem by destroying infrastructure that would have made people’s lives easier.

However, there are ways these problems can be overcome. The construction of wells and dams is an excellent way to ensure sustainable access to clean water in the future, and allows communities to be self-sufficient and independent, rather than relying on aid.

Harnessing the Sun to Quench Yemen’s thirst

One solution to Yemen’s deepened water crisis is to build a well that is deep enough to reach a water source. However, the installment of an electrical pump to extract the water is not the ideal financial solution due to high fuel costs. Another solution is needed. Something that is both financially and environmentally efficient.

Solar Water Wells

A Solar Water Well comes to the rescue of the people of Yemen. Solar water wells are able to extract water multiple times a day, providing an entire community with a regular and clean supply of clean water. This water serves not just as drinking water, but also for agricultural purposes.

You can be the one to enable the construction of a Deep Water Well for a one-off cost of £3500. In return for this one-off cost, countless lives will be improved!

Build a Deep Water Well and Save Generations of Yemenis

Build a deep water well for a whole community and save generations of future Yemenis from severe deprivation of water.

Build a deep water well in a drought-hit community, helping to transform a whole village. 842,000 people die every year, just from diarrhoea from drinking unclean water, and 2 million people use a drinking water source that’s contaminated. When you provide a deep-water well, you give the gift of clean water to people affected by drought, ensuring they no longer go thirsty, or drink unclean water, and can also use the water for

agricultural life-giving activities. You’ll also help to protect them against unclean water, waterborne diseases, and the spread of COVID-19. Not only does a water well transform and protect a community, it’s a Sadaqah Jariyah that continues to bless the giver for as long as it’s in use. You can even donate a water well on behalf of a loved one, and they’ll reap the endless rewards of this charity – even after they are gone.

We’re currently building water wells in drought-hit villages in all the countries in which we work. Donate, and we’ll make sure it gets to the village that most needs it. This is your chance to transform a community for generations to come with an act of kindness. When you give £12,000 as a one-off solution for a deepwater well, you’ll be directly responsible for transforming the lives of countless people for years to come.

Your sponsored Water Well will be put in a communal place such as a village centre, school or mosque – so it can serve the maximum number of people.

The construction of wells that can extract water from up to 80 metres below the ground, in villages that rely on toxic water sources, is pivotal to the survival of the people of Yemen. We install various water-related systems and solutions to suit the needs of crowded settlements that also lack means for sanitation.

Giving to our water project allows us to stop the spread of dehydration, and helps stop the spread of serious diseases. You can help us make a real difference in Yemen by donating to our water project. It’s our aim, with your generous donations, to continue providing water to those who are in need of our support, regardless of the war and other negative circumstances.