Together - WE can Help Stop Hunger in Yemen

£100 an Aqiqah for a girl | £200 an Aqiqah for a boy.

Together – WE can Help Stop Hunger in Yemen

We have designed our Aqiqah Project in a manner that allows the sacrifice meal to go directly to the hungry people of Yemen! The Aqiqah Project provides an opportunity for those who cannot afford to purchase meat, to have the nutritional benefit by traditional and religious instructions. Once the ceremony has taken place, we distribute these fresh meat packets to the most vulnerable of people in Yemen. Each meat packet delivery contains a sufficient and nutritious amount of meat of an average 5kgs.

You can donate a fixed amount to make more Aqiqah’s happen and help end hunger in Yemen. For a little girl’s Aqiqah, you can contribute £90 that will literally be turned into meat on the table for a hungry family for a month’s time. For a boy, they will need to sacrifice 1 goat and 1 sheep so that will be a mere £180 for meat for a family for over a month.

Help Us to Rebuild the Society of Yemen by feeding the hungry women, children and men of Yemen.

“Slaughter two comparable sheep for a male newborn and one sheep for a female.”

 – Prophet Mohammed

How does Aqiqah Work?

An Aqiqah ceremony is performed as part of the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), which involves the sacrifice of livestock such as goats and sheep. With the end intention of handing the meat of the sacrifice to the underprivileged and hungry, an Aqiqah is to be held 7 days or more after a baby’s birth.

The meat is traditionally divided up and given to the family members of the child, and subsequently handed out to the needy. However, here at Saba Relief, we are working with the community to multiply the ripple effect of goodness, by speeding up the process to feed a hungry human being.

Food from the Heavens

And as The Prophet Muhammad himself (peace be upon him) provided an Aqiqah to each of his two grandsons, we look to this traditional sacrifice as a means to help end hunger in Yemen. As Islamic constituents, we cannot and will not look away when we are called to action, thus, we have decided to draw much more than simply inspiration from our Prophet (peace be upon him) and action our Aqiqah Project. Treated as a sacred method to prevent the impoverished people of Yemen from suffering from hunger, we have devised our Aqiqah Project and donation option for means of alleviating hunger.